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Fresh from the print - Leadership in sustainability GUIDE

posted Apr 6, 2016, 1:05 AM by Tomislav Rozman   [ updated Apr 26, 2016, 1:07 AM ]
We are happy to announce that the book we co-authored "Leadership in sustainability - Support your business toward sustainability" was just released.

 1.1. Where we are - Dimension of sustainability 
 1.2. Benefits of standards implementation

 2.1. Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production
 2.2. Water efficient management
 2.3. Energy Efficiency Management
 2.4. Material and waste efficient management
   2.4.1. Implications of intense use of materials
   2.4.2. Benefits of waste management for companies
   2.4.3. What is waste?
   2.4.4. Waste management and waste assessment 
   2.4.5. Waste Action Plan
   2.4.6. Waste hierarchy and strategies

 3.1. How to embed social responsibility into the organization 
 3.2. Stakeholder management 
   3.2.1. Strategic approach
   3.2.2. Analysis and planning 
   3.2.3. Improving collaboration capacity 
 3.3. Assessing the social impact of your organization

 4.1. Life Cycle Concepts 
 4.2. Eco-design and Sustainability 
 4.3. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) – how to drive it and which are the benefits 
 4.4. How to calculate your product/service cost versus LCA 

 5.1. Starting point: Innovation
 5.2. Design your value chain
 5.3. Strategic Management options
   5.3.1. Considerations on Development of the Business Strategy for Sustainability
   5.3.2. Important aspects for implementation sustainability into the strategic management
 5.4. Ideas to deploy sustainability in your organization
   5.4.1. Approaches to the Eco-design of Products
   5.4.2. Environmental management approaches (EMS)
   5.4.3. Existing Methods for the selection of environmental approaches 
 5.5. Integrating sustainability in the organization’s management system
   5.5.1. Business process management and sustainability 
   5.5.2. Sustainable Business Process Management
   5.5.3. Integrating sustainability into an organization – how to do it ?
   5.5.4. Implementing sustainability aspects: at a corporate level 
   5.5.5. Implementing sustainability aspects: process landscape level 
   5.5.6. Implementing sustainability aspects into BPM system: a summary
 5.6. How to lead sustainability 
   5.6.1. Introduction to leadership – How can leaders be educated? 
   5.6.2. Leadership behaviour that supports sustainability 
 5.7. Communication Challenges for Sustainability 
   5.7.1. Effective communication 
   5.7.2. Leadership and communication 
   5.7.3. Combat the resistance attitude towards sustainability 
   5.7.4. Sustainability beyond words 

No. of pages: 123

List of Authors:

Gabriela FISTIS, Denkstatt Romania (Editor, Chapter 1)
Dr. Caius LUMINOSU, Politehnica University of Timisoara, Romania (Chapter 1.2)
Aida SZILAGY, Denkstatt Romania (Chapter 2 )
Andrei CHURICAN, Denkstatt Romania (Chapter 3 )
Prof. Peggy ZWOLINSKI, Grenoble INP, France (Chapter 4)
Dr. Feng ZHANG, Grenoble INP, France (Chapter 4.2)
Dr. Maud RIO, Grenoble INP, France (Chapter 4.3)
Dr. Guillaume MANDIL, Grenoble INP, France (Chapter 4.4)
Alan LELAH, Grenoble INP, France (Chapter 4.4)
Dr. Andreas RIEL, EMIRAcle, Belgium (Chapters 5.1, 5.2)
Dr. Tomislav ROZMAN, BICERO, Slovenia (Chapter 5.5)
Prof. Anca DRAGHICI, Politehnica University of Timisoara, Romania (Chapters 5.3 and 5.6)
Dr. Sorin SUCIU, Politehnica University of Timisoara, Romania (Chapter 5.7)

Technical editing: George DRAGHICI

Cover: Robert Borha

ISBN: 978-606-743-034-9

You can receive a book as a part of the ECSM training package.
If you want to buy this book separately, order it here: mateja.frangez-rozman(AT) Price: 20€ + postage costs.