Vision and goals

 Our vision is to become the one of the best specialised consulting company in this part of the EU (Slovenia) in process, project and IT management.

 Our goal is to bridge the gap between business, informatics and information/ communication technologies. We help companies to focus on their primary business, while we improve and automate their business processes.

 Our focus is set mostly on corporate clients (from SMEs to Enterprises), where aligning business goals with information technology is a key to their success.

 We are cooperating with carefully selected partners, which are specialised in the following areas of expertise: project management, quality management, software development, ERP and CRM consulting, system integrations, virtualization and IT related training. 

What makes us different?

1. We are independent - not tied to any particular software vendor or other company.

2. We gather a network of experts with experiences from various fields of knowledge (Information technologies and management). See the list of associated trainers and consultants or our references.

3. Our experiences come from of real-world projects and academic environment.

The core team

dr. Tomislav Rozman, founder and director

Mateja Frangež Rozman,, dipl. oec., manager

Basic info

Type of organisation: Limited Liability, SME
Registration number: 3662977000 (Court of Maribor, Slovenia)
Established: 2009
Short name: BICERO d.o.o.
Long name: BICERO, Center za poslovno informatiko Rozman d.o.o.
Translation to eng.: BICERO, Business Informatics Center Rozman Ltd.
Headquarters: Slovenia

PIC (for Erasmus+ projects): 975376420

Contact us

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