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EU project partner search information

Information for organizations who search EU project partners

BICERO PIC number: 975376420

We offer the following services as an EU project partner (E+, H2020,...):

1. Proposal writing support
2. Partner search support
3. Project management
  • project coordination and financial administration
  • reporting
4. Project documentation management
  • shared repository, access rights, version control, release management, project partner training
5. Quality management and project evaluation: 
  • preparation of quality management strategy and plan, quality instruments, quality checks and reporting
6. Research: 
  • needs analysis, surveying, statistical analysis, research reporting
7. Course content development
  • ICT, management
8. E-learning platform set-up, configuration
9. E-learning mentoring and participant management 
10. Live course organization
11. Certifications (within ECQA)
12. Business Process Modeling and Documenting
13. Meeting hosting and management
14. Dissemination
  • content writing, social media management, dissemination materials preparation, web pages, flyers,...
  • article writing
  • conference presentations and speeches

For other services, we rely on a network of trusted partners.