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CertiBPM - Certified Business Process Manager



Contract no.: LLP-LdV/TOI/10/RO/010
Project no.: 2010-1-RO1-LEO05-07445
This 2 year project has been funded with support from the European Commission (programme LifeLong Learning - action Leonardo da Vinci - Transfer of Innovation). This publication [info page] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

3.12. 2010 - 2. 12. 2012

Contact: prof. dr. Anca Draghici

Management co-ordinator & idea: BICERO d.o.o.
Contact: asst. prof. dr. Tomislav Rozman

Core partner: proHUMAN Cooperation and Business Management
Contact: asst. prof. dr. Romana Vajde Horvat

Core partner: I.S.C.N. GesmbH
Contact: dr. Richard Messnarz, Damjan Ekert

Core partner: DENKSTATT Romania SRL
Contact: Gabriela Fistis

OBJECTIVE 1: to adapt existing Business Process Management course to ECQA (European Certification and Qualification Association) certification scheme and establish job role, which is valid across the Europe, translate it to Romanian and English language

OBJECTIVE 2: to adapt the course to the University - Bologna Masters level for Romanian Universities

OBJECTIVE 3: to transfer the knowledge (CertiBPM project) to the Romanian market (to students from the Universities, industry representatives)

OBJECTIVE 4: to educate 110 trainees and 14 trainers (regardless of the age, sex, nationality, religion)

OBJECTIVE 5: to create distant learning course, that will allow training people from different locations

Project background
Romanian companies of all sizes must constantly manage and improve their business processes to survive in these tough times on the market. To improve efficiency of their business, they should also automate their business processes using information technology. One of most successful and proved approaches is “process oriented approach”, which is also advocated in ISO9001 quality standards. Proof of that are new, but already mature information technologies (BPM systems), which directly support this approach. BPM was designed to bridge the gap between business and technical people.
The aim of this project is to improve existing course and educate Romanian people (students, trainers, managers and other employees), how to identify, document, manage, measure, analyze, implement, optimize, automate, maintain business processes in their companies as a part of their life-long learning and in the context of continuous improvement processes. This project will improve their management skills and also influence entrepreneurial spirit. Trainees from target groups (Romanian students and industry representatives) will learn how to get transparent insight in business processes.
There is a strong need on Romanian market to offer coherent, practical oriented course, which will allow people to better manage their business processes in Romanian companies.

Business Process Management (BPM) is the discipline, which covers identification, modelling, analysis, documentation, automatization, maintenance and optimization of business processes.
Current market situation in the BPM area is well described in report "State of Business Process Management - 2010" by P. Harmon and C. Wolf. This report summarizes the survey analysis of 264 respondents (companies) from all over the world / across all kinds of industries. This analysis stresses that the major drivers of introducing BPM to a company are: "need to save money by reducing costs and/or improving productivity", "need to improve management coordination or organizational responsiveness", "improve customer satisfaction", "improve products". The report statistics shows that more skills are needed and more managers should be trained to improve business processes. 
The authors of the existing course have real-world experiences from business process management and reengineering projects (telecommunications, public service, media, electro-distribution, IT services), which ensures that the content of the learning materials and courses has a practical value.
The course evolved over the years from technical aspects of business process management to project, organizational, human and managerial aspects. The course was also well accepted on the Slovenian market and it is appropriate for the transfer to the Romania. 

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