ICT gap analysis

 Stuck with ICT* investment or budget calculation for the next year?

Why do most IT services providers and SW/HW resellers fear of December? It is because the number of orders rise sky-high, disproportional to the rest of the year. Most of the orders are forced and not planned, just to empty the budget.
Be different and plan your investments in information technology and services ahead. Align your IT strategy with company strategy.

Let us help you with our services:
  • we analyze the current state of information technology in your company
  • we identify gaps in your information environment (for example: mailing subsystem, CRM system, intranet, ... )
  • we identify most needed IT projects for your company
  • we prepare budget evaluation based of gap analysis

 Do you want to align your business goals with information and communication technology?

We can help you:

Example of aligning business (company) goals with IT strategy:

Business Goal - example

(You provide us)
Related IT Goals - examples

(We suggest you)
Related IT Strategy - examples

(We suggest you)
 Improve customer satisfaction with our services
- Ensure Customer Service Representative systems store all customer data one click away

 - Ensure Customer Service Representative systems are fast
- implement and utilize multi-user Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) with central user database with event history

- improve performance of CRM system (network optimization, application optimization, caching, network compression,... )