What is the value of the certificates?

1. Why should I pursue your non-formal courses and certificates?

We're living in the times when the formal education is usually not enough to professionally grow or get a job. Our courses were designed by practitioners with several years of experience.

2. What is the value of your courses and certificates?

ECQA & BICERO course certificates are a proof that you have finished the non-formal training from a specific field and you are familiar with the theoretical principles which you can apply into the practice.

The value of our (and every other) professional certificate is directly related to how you use them in your everyday work.

Moreover, the certificates can be used when the company you work for apply for public tenders that require professional certificates of the personnel (such as EU Project management or Business Process Management).

3. Who recognises the certificates?

Every serious employer who values the applied knowledge recognises the value of the lifelong learning achievements. The courses and certificates already helped our participants to change a job, to get a promotion, to win new projects and most importantly, to better perform their everyday work.

4. Can I get a job using your certificates?

The certificate is not a guarantee that you will get a specific job. Job market is a complex system and many other factors could affect the employment process.

Nevertheless, our certificates can be used to distinguish yourself from the other professionals, job candidates (who don't own them) when you apply for a job.

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