EU project management and partners

EU proposal writing

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EU project management

Are you looking for a partner with experiences from Slovenia?

"All of the projects we have cooperated in or coordinated were graded with at least 8 or more (out of 10) by EU evaluators." 

Our company can act as a partner and help you with (or take over) the following tasks:

  • assistance in the preparation of the proposal form
  • coordination of the project (project planning, tracking and IT support). See more info about our PM services >>
  • financial administration and reporting
  • document management
  • preparing document management system (Google Drive, Dropbox, Sharepoint 365,...) for a project and managing documents, versions
  • quality management 
  • evaluation activities (QM plan and strategy, evaluation plan, surveys, data analysis, quality checks and assurance, evaluation visits)
  • hosting project meetings

We have prepared, coordinated or participated as a partner in Erasmus+, Erasmus Multilateral, Lifelong Learning, H2020, Eureka projects.

EU project partners

Our company can act as a partner in EU project:

  • act as a source of knowledge transfer for the following courses: EU Project Management, BPM (Business Process Management), ICT management, Social Responsibility, Sustainability, Growth hacking, Gamification
  • preparation of learning curricula and the learning content (ICT, development, databases, processes, SW tools, cloud-based technologies, management, innovations)
  • IT design activities
  • preparation and configuration of the e-learning platforms (Moodle, TalentLMS, ...)
  • preparing international training events
  • preparation of dissemination related deliverables (dissemination strategy, action plan, websites, social media activities)
  • preparation of sustainability-related deliverables (sustainability plan, contract, action plan)
  • copy-writing, preparation of the articles, conference speeches
  • performing live and online trainings
  • research
  • content writing (scientific and professional articles, blogs) 

Our PIC number: 975376420


Check out our finished or running EU projects and other references.

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