ECQA Certified Business Process Manager for Higher Education Institutions

ECQA Certified Business Process Manager for 
HEI (Higher Educational Institutions)

Online, blended and live course

"Lead your higher education institution to the path of excellence!"


  • Strong motivation and interest in BPM, HEI processes, 
  • basic management knowledge.

Target group

Employees in higher education institutions and training organisations, such as:
  • HEI managers, training organisation managers, administrators, teachers, professors, researchers, process owners, business developers, CxO.
  • graduate or postgraduate students of management

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Learning outcomes

After completion of this course, participants will be able to identify and improve HEI processes.

Course outline

The course consists of the following modules:
  • Unit 1. Element 0. Introduction to BPM in HEIs,
  • Unit 1. Element 1. Teaching processes
    • Course planning
    • Course preparation
    • Course implementation
    • Course evaluation
    • Thesis Supervision and Examination procedure
  • Unit 1. Element 2. Studying processes
    • Applying
    • Preparation for the study 
    • Enrollment
    • Studying 
    • Examination
    • Graduation
    • Career development
  • Unit 1. Element 3. Research processes (preview available here),
    • Establish research environment
    • Conducting the research
    • Dissemination of the research results
  • Unit 1. Element 4. Development processes
    • Programme development
    • Curricula development support
    • Double degree/Joint degree programmes
    • Export of programmes (transnational programmes)
    • General development of the institution
  • Unit 1. Element 5. Management and supporting processes.
    • Strategic management
    • Human resource management and habilitation support
    • Quality management
    • IT management
    • Alumni management & support
    • Teaching support
    • Graduation support
    • Innovation and IPR management
    • Marketing and event management
    • Project management
    • LifeLong Learning
    • Teacher, student and staff mobility

HEI BPM process map

Packages and pricing


This course is an online version of live ECQA EU Project Management training.

We provide several alternatives of the training. All alternatives allow self-study of the EU project management topics using presentations, videos, examples, templates, tests and practical assignments.

 Package / Feature1. Exam only*  2. Self-study online learning

+ exam + certificate
(what is this?)
 3. Online learning with tutor support

+ exam + certificate
(what is this?)
4. Live training

+ exam + certificate
 Access to e-learning platformnoyesyesyes 
 Access to presentationsnoyesyesyes 
 Access to examples, templates, assignmentsnoyesyesyes 
 Access to sample exam questionsnoyesyesyes 
 Access to online live sessions with the tutor (3 sessions on-demand, max 1 hr/session)nonoyesyes 
 Access to individual help / consulting of the expert tutornonoyesyes 
Live training (3 full days in 3 weeks)  no no no yes
 Price of the training-99,00 €260,00 € 488,00 €
Price of the online exam and certification (1st attempt)  232,00 €  232,00 €

  232,00 €  232,00 €
All-in-one package price (including online training, online exam and certificate = -10% of total price)      232,00 € 298,00 € 443,00 €  648,00 €
* any kind of training is a prerequisite for exam

Location and schedule

Online training is a 6-week course, available from anywhere. Depending on the previous knowledge, you will have to invest 8-16 hours per learning element.

Live training:
BICERO Ltd. is local training provider for Slovenia. For other training providers, please visit ECQA page.
Live trainings are regularly performed in Ljubljana, Slovenia, CPU-GZS (National chamber of commerce). For other locations, please contact us.

Technical requirements

Any modern computer, tablet or smartphone is appropriate. The participant needs a web browser and internet connection. In the case of tutor support, the headset is required.
The online study starts the next day after the application and settling the invoice.

Online exam:
Any PC (Windows, Mac) with a webcam, microphone and latest Flash and webcam drivers. Please check compatibility of your PC well before exam using SoftwareSecure System check (select BICERO as exam org.).

Training and certification process


1. Apply for the online training here.

2. Payment methods:
    a) Wire transfer: You will receive the invoice. Settle the invoice. 
    b) Paypal: If you will pay with Paypal, you can do it here (invoice will be sent afterwards):

3. After the payment, you will receive instructions and access for e-learning. Complete on-line training.
4. Apply for the exam
    a.)  Apply for the online exam here OR
    b.)  Apply for the exam at the exam centre 
5. Exam
    a.) Perform the online exam OR
    b.) Perform the exam at the exam centre
6. Receive the ECQA certificate.

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More info about the project
This course was prepared by award winning 2-year EU co-founded project HEI-UP.

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