ECQA Social Responsibility Manager

ECQA Certified Social Responsibility Management 

Online course 


A basic SR (social responsibility) management knowledge is recommended, but not necessary. 

Target group

  • Managers of Companies / Organizations
Maintain the thin line between social responsibility and economic interests
Your company influences the society: its well-being, health, environment, relations with stakeholders.
Especially your employees and their relatives are impacted. To ensure long-term sustainability of your economic interests, your company should include the management of social responsibities into your management system. Learn how to do it!

  • Governmental, non-governmental and other important decision making bodies 
Monitor the impact of companies to your local environment!
Organizations in your local environment have great impact on society as a whole. Using SRM knowledge, you can better monitor the status of social responsibility in organizations and its influence on local community. Learn how to manage your SR activities mode effectively!

  • Society in general 
Understand how your life can be improved! 
You have greater impact on your life environment than you think. Learn how to influence your employer, your decision makers, your social network, to be socially responsible. The change starts with you.

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Learning outcomes

Participants learn basic SR principles according to ISO 26000 standard.

Course outline

The course consists of the following modules:
Infografik Social Responsibility
    • Element 1. Understanding and recognizing social responsibility 
    • Element 2. Principles of social responsibility 
    • Element 3. Stakeholder identification and engagement 

    • Element 1. Organizational governance
    • Element 2. Human rights
    • Element 3. The environment 
    • Element 4. Fair operating practices
    • Element 5. Consumer issues 
    • Element 6. Community involvement and development 
    • Element 7. Labour practices

    • Element 1. Identification of SR in an organization 
    • Element 2. Integration of SRM into organization 
    • Element 3. Communication on social responsibility 
    • Element 4. SR Credibility and initiatives 
    • Element 5. Sustainability of SRM System 
View detailed course content and e-learning catalog: here.

Packages and pricing

We provide two alternatives of the on-line training. Both alternatives allow self-study with a presentations, examples, templates, tests and assignments.

Self-study online learning and 
learning with tutor support:

 Package / Feature1. Exam only*  2. Self-study online learning
+ exam + certificate
(what is this?)
 3. Online learning with tutor support
+ exam + certificate
(what is this?)
4. Live training
+ exam + certificate
 Access to e-learning platformnoyesyesyes 
 Access to presentationsnoyesyesyes 
 Access to examples, templates, assignmentsnoyesyesyes 
 Access to sample exam questionsnoyesyesyes 
 Access to online live sessions with the tutor (3 sessions on-demand, max 1 hr/session)nonoyesyes 
 Access to individual help / consulting of the expert tutornonoyesyes 
Live training (3 full days in 3 weeks)  no no no yes
 Price of the training-99,00 €**260,00 € 488,00 €
Price of the online exam and certification (1st attempt)   232,00 €  232,00 €

 232,00 € 232,00 €
All-in-one package price (including online training, online exam and certificate = -10% of total price)      232,00 € 298,00 € 443,00 €  648 €

* any kind of training is a prerequisite for exam
** 30 € if you have a promo code

Location and schedule

Online training is a 6-week course, available from anywhere. Depending on the previous knowledge, you will have to invest 8-16 hours per learning element.

Technical requirements

Any modern computer, tablet or smartphone is appropriate. The participant needs a web browser and internet connection. In case of tutor support, headset is required.
Online study starts the next day after the application and settling the invoice.

Online exam:
Any PC (Windows, Mac) with webcam, microphone and latest Flash and webcam drivers. Please check compatibility of your PC well before exam using SoftwareSecure System check (select BICERO as exam org.).

Training and certification process

1. Apply for the online training here.

2. Payment methods:
    a) Wire transfer: You will receive the invoice. Settle the invoice. 
    b) Paypal: If you will pay with Paypal, you can do it here (invoice will be sent afterwards):

3. After the payment, you will receive instructions and access for e-learning. Complete on-line training.

4. Apply for the exam
    a.)  Apply for the online exam here OR
    b.)  Apply for the exam at the exam centre 

5. Exam
    a.) Perform the online exam OR
    b.) Perform the exam at the exam centre

6. Receive the ECQA certificate.


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More info about the project

This course was prepared within 2-year EU co-founded project SOCIRES.

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