ECQA Sustainability Manager (foundation and advanced)

ECQA Certified Sustainability Manager - Leadership in Sustainability

Online course

"Become a real leader, the one with holistic view of the company, its stakeholders and environment"


Foundation level: 
  • Strong motivation and interest in sustainability, leadership and management topics or at least some experiences 
  • basic sustainability knowledge.

Advanced level:
  • finished Foundation level (all learning elements)

Target groups

  • Responsible Managers and Directors of industrial, academic, and governmental organisations
  • Designers and Managers of products, services and/or processes 
  • Master and PhD Students

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Learning outcomes

After completion of this course, participants will be able to:
  • empower organizations to become leaders in sustainability
  • develop and improve ecologic, economic, and social responsibility aspects in organizational and system levels
  • contribute to capacity building in sustainability

Course outline

    • 1. Dimensions of Sustainability – Ecology, Economy, and Society (Foundation level)
    • 2. Relevant Standards and Norms (Foundation level)
    • 1. Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production Methodology (RECP) (Foundation level)
    • 2. RECP Water Efficiency Management (Advanced level)
    • 3. RECP Energy Efficiency Management (Advanced level)
    • 4. RECP Materials & Waste Management(Advanced level)
    • 1. Introduction to Social Responsibility (Foundation level)
    • 2. Stakeholder Involvement (Advanced level)
    • 3. Social Impact Assessment (Foundation level)
    • 1. Life Cycle Concepts (Foundation level)
    • 2. Eco-Design and Sustainability (Advanced level)
    • 3. Life Cycle Assessment (Foundation level)
    • 4. Life Cycle Costing(Advanced level)
    • 1. Innovation for Sustainability (Foundation level)
    • 2. Business Model Innovation for Sustainability (Foundation level)
    • 3. Design for a sustainable Value Chain (Advanced level)
    • 4. Strategic Sustainability Management (Foundation level)
    • 5. Deployment of Sustainability in the Organisation (Advanced level)
    • 6. Leadership in Sustainability (Foundation level)
    • 7. Communication Challenges for Sustainability(Advanced level)

Certification levels

There are 3 levels of the certifications for ECEUPM: Foundation, Advanced and Trainer. More info here

Packages and pricing

We provide several alternatives of the on-line training. All alternatives allow self-study using presentations, videos, examples, templates, tests and practical assignments.

 Package / Feature1. Exam only*  2. Self-study online learning  + exam + certificate**

(what is this?)
 3. Online learning with tutor support
+ exam + certificate

(what is this?)
4. Live training

+ exam + certificate
 Access to e-learning platformnoyesyesyes 
 Access to presentationsnoyesyesyes 
 Access to examples, templates, assignmentsnoyesyesyes 
 Access to sample exam questionsnoyesyesyes 
 Access to online live sessions with the tutor (3 sessions on-demand, max 1 hr/session)nonoyesyes 
 Access to individual help / consulting of the expert tutornonoyesyes 
Live training (3 full days in 3 weeks)  no no no yes
 Price of the training-99,00 € ***260,00 € 732 €
Price of the online exam and certification (1st attempt)  232,00 €   232,00 € 

 232,00 €  232,00 € 
All-in-one package price (including online training, online exam and certificate = -10% of total price)      232,00 € 298,00 €443,00 € 868,00 €

* any kind of training is a prerequisite for exam
** the price is the same for Foundation and Advanced level
*** 30 € if you have a promo code

Schedule and time needed to complete the course

Online training is a 6-week course, available from anywhere. Depending on the previous knowledge, you will have to invest 8-16 hours per learning element. There are 11 learning elements for foundation level and 9 for advanced level.

Technical requirements

Any modern computer, tablet or smartphone is appropriate. The participant needs a web browser and internet connection. In the case of tutor support, the headset is required.
The online study starts the next day after the application and settling the invoice.

Online exam:
Any PC (Windows, Mac) with a webcam, microphone and latest Flash and webcam drivers. Please check compatibility of your PC well before exam using SoftwareSecure System check (select BICERO as exam org.).

Training and certification process

1. Apply for the online training here.

2. You will receive the invoice. Settle the invoice. Payment methods: Wire transfer or Paypal. If you will pay with Paypal, you can do it here:

3. Complete on-line training. The preview of the e-learning platform is available here: Preview
4. Apply for the exam here.
5. Perform the exam.
6. Receive the ECQA (European Certification and Qaulification Association) certificate.


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ECSM course is a result of LeadSUS project (EU project LLP-LDV-TOI, 2013-2015).