Sustainability Manager

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"Learn how to manage your company in a way that leaves a minimal impact on the planet!"

Courses and prices

Sustainability manager (foundation) BASIC

(understanding sustainability, RECP, social responsibility basics, LCC and more) 


Price: 980

Sustainability manager (foundation) CERTIFIED

(RECP water, energy, materials, stakeholder involvement, eco design and more) 


Price: 1.220

Sustainability manager (advanced) BASIC

(understanding sustainability, RECP, social responsibility basics, LCC and more) 


Price: 980

Sustainability manager (advanced) CERTIFIED

(RECP water, energy, materials, stakeholder involvement, eco-design and more) 


Price: 1.220

What does the course involve?


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Certification levels

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Who is the course for?

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Recommended prerequisites

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Why should I take this course?

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You can obtain the ECQA (European Certification and Qualification) certificate.  

"Become a real leader, one with a holistic view of the company, its stakeholders and environment."

How is training delivered?


Online training is a six-week course, available from anywhere. Depending on your previous knowledge, you will have to invest 6–8 hours per learning element. There are 11 learning elements for the Foundation level and 9 for the Advanced level.

Not sure if online learning is right for you?

If you're not sure if online learning is right for you, please check the details about the e-learning platform and process.

Still not sure? Check out the e-learning platform preview.

Technical requirements


Any modern computer, tablet or smartphone is appropriate (for studying). The participant needs a web browser and internet connection. For assignment preparation, the Office software package (text editor and spreadsheet editor) is required. For tutor support, a headset is required.

The online study starts the day after the application and payment of the invoice.

Online exam

Any computer (Windows, Mac) with a webcam, microphone and latest webcam drivers. Please check the minimum system requirements. 

Course outline

Understanding sustainability

Technical resource efficiency management 

Social responsibility 

Sustainability and eco-design

Management for sustainability 

Overview of the course structure

Sustainability manager course structure overview of teh modules

Details of the course structure

Sustainability manager course structure, all submodules


1. Registration

Choose the package and apply for online training. 

 After registration, please wait for the invoice.

2. Prices and payment

Within 24 hours of confirming your registration, you will receive a proforma invoice and instructions for payment.

Full packages

See the full packages and prices >>

Exam only

Access extension (after access expires)

If you don't complete the course in six weeks, you can always extend your access:

Accepted payment methods

+ transfer fees: Bank transfer: 0€, credit card and Paypal +40€ 

3. Access to the online classroom

After payment, your e-learning account will be activated. You will also receive information on how to access learning materials and assignments

4. Exam and certification

After you complete the course, you can apply for the external ECQA exam and certificate:

Apply for the exam and receive a certificate >>


The examination is limited to 2 hours

After the exam, you will receive your ECQA certificate. 

What do you get with a certificate?

Once you have obtained your certificate after successfully completing the exam, you will be able to make easier, better decisions about sustainable development in your company.

The certificate also raises your value in the labour market. Getting a certificate is optional, for those who want more.

Examination and certification FAQ >>

More about ECQA >>

Online expert

Dr Tomislav Rozman, Certified ECQA Sustainability Management Trainer

Frequently asked questions

How much time do I need to dedicate to the course?
It depends on your background. On average, 6–8 hours are needed to finish one learning element, slightly more if you decide to finish the practical assignments. There are 11 modules at the foundation level and 9 at the advanced level.

What kind of questions can I expect in the ECQA exam?
Examples of multiple-choice questions in each lesson give you a good insight into the exam questions.

Can I download and print the materials for later use?
Of course, the materials are available in PDF format too.

How long do I have access to the e-learning platform?
Six weeks after registration.

Is it possible to extend access after the expiry date?
Yes, an extension of access is possible. The extension fee is 50€/month.

How does online mentoring work?
On-demand. The participant prepares questions and issues and informs the mentor. Afterwards, an online session (e.g. using Skype) is held.  

What if I fail the ECQA exam?
Please check the Examination and certification FAQ >>.  

Statistics and participant testimonials


Since 2013 over 200 participants in the EU and further afield have attended this course.

Participant locations

Participants of our online course have come from Romania, Slovenia, Austria, France, Belgium.


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