EU project management Q&A #4

Published on 24 Feb. 2021 by Tomislav Rozman

Erika asks, Tomislav answers, the last part #4

Erica, one of our EU project manager course attendees asked ‘a few’ questions related to course materials. Questions made me think: If those answers can not be easily found within the learning materials, we have to explain them also for the others.

Erica agreed and we are publishing this Q&A session for you, dear EU project manager, to make your life easier.

This is the the last and the shortest part (4th).

Tomislav Rozman, BICERO team

Questions & answers part #4

31. Is there any list of the most common risks and preventive/corrective actions?

Risks are described within module 4. 3. 1. Risk management. Some ideas how to avoid EU projects’ related risks are presented in student notes below slides.

Examples: Risk management plan 1, Risk management plan 2

32. Are there any mock exams to practice for the ECQA exam?

Yes. There are two ways of preparing for the exam:

  1. Solve all tests within the course in the e-learning platform

  2. You can perform ‘self-test’ on the subset of exam questions on the ECQA exam system. See the instructions.

33. Would it be possible to plan a session on DD.MM.YYYY with the mentor to talk about the exam?

Yes, you can schedule an online meeting with a mentor (Google Meet / Zoom) if you bought the ‘interactive’ package. Contact your mentor and you will receive a timeslot and a link to a meeting.

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