EU project manager (Professional level)

What does the certification involve?


ECQA Professional certificate (after successful evaluation).

Certification levels

Who is the certification for?

Especially for

  • Experienced EU project managers, who want to stand out and show their practical experience, confirmed by an independent certification body (ECQA).

Mandatory prerequisites

  • Completed ECEUPM Foundation training and passed exam.

  • Successful management of at least one EU-funded project, OR

  • Co-management of two EU-funded projects.

Why should I take this certification?

You have completed our Foundation course and you have already successfully managed several projects. Now it's time to stand out and be distinguished from other inexperienced project managers.

The purpose of Professional certification is to:

  • help build trust between new EU project partners and consortiums

  • distinguish experienced EU project managers.

You can obtain the ECQA (European Certification and Qualification) certificate.

"Win more EU project calls and manage EU projects like a pro."

1. Check and prepare the evidences

Example evidence for prerequisite "Successful management of at least one EU-funded project":

  • A link to EU website/database with accepted/completed projects

  • Confirmation of successfully completed project from EU authorities or

  • Positive evaluation of the final report

  • A proof that a person was part of the project management team

Example evidence for prerequisite "Co-management of two EU-funded projects.":

  • A link to EU website/database with accepted/completed projects with visible partnership

  • A proof of delegation or assignment of the management/coordinator role* to the organization and the person or

  • A manager/coordinator of a project partner (the name of the responsible person should be visible on the project application form or similar proof)

*coordinator role includes: administration, financial management, resource management, communication, task delegation, quality management, risk management, managing of project's communication and documentation platform, reporting to EU authorities, consolidation of deliverables, managing contracts and amendments and similar.

If you are unsure if you meet the conditions, please ask us.

2. Registration

Apply to start the certification process.

Within 24 hours of confirming your registration, you will receive an invoice and instructions for payment.

3. Prices and payment

ECEUPM Professional certification

  • All-in-one package price (evaluation of the evidences by two independent ECQA training organisations and ECEUPM Professional Certificate): 244€

Accepted payment methods

  • Bank transfer

  • PayPal

  • Credit card = Visa, Mastercard, American Express

+ transfer fees: Bank transfer: 0€, credit card and Paypal +18€

4. Prepare evidence of experience

After payment

  • You need to provide proof that you have previously prepared a winning proposal and have successfully managed an EU-funded project (or co-managed two EU-funded projects).

  • Fill in the evidence form and prepare your evidence.

  • Submit the application form and evidence to the training organisation.

  • The evidence will be reviewed and evaluated by two independent ECQA training organisations (evaluators).

5. Receive the certificate

What do you get with a certificate?

With the certificate you will be able to prove your suitability for participating in international projects as a trusted partner - manager. It will also be easier for you to take over the coordination of European projects and international consortia.

The certificate also raises your value in the labour market. Getting a certificate is optional, for those who want more.

In some public national and EU tenders it is possible to receive additional points for the selection of the submitted projects, if the project is managed by a person with an ECQA certificate.

More about ECQA >>

Frequently asked questions

What kind of projects can be submitted as evidence?
Examples: FP7, LLP, E+, H2020 and more.

How do I prove successful completion of an EU project?
Usually with a copy of the evaluation report, which you will have received from an EU body. This report confirms the project was successfully completed.

Who evaluates the evidence?
Two independent ECQA training organisations / trainers.

Who issues the certificate?
ECQA (European Certification and Qualification Organisation).


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