How do online exams work?

1. Can I perform the exam fully online?


We offer examination and certification services for selected ECQA job roles (Business Process Manager, EU Project Manager, Social Responsibility Manager, Sustainability Manager).

Exams can be performed completely online from any location in the world from your office or home. We are using remote invigilation/proctoring services from our partner PSI Online (former Software Secure).

We are using remote invigilation/proctoring to ensure identity of the test taker and to prevent exam breaches.

Remote proctoring includes:

  • person identification and room scan using your computer webcam

  • exam recording (desktop, webcam and microphone)

  • checking and reporting any breaches of exam rules by independent professionals from PSI Online.

Multiple-choice exams are delivered using the ECQA exam system:

2. What are the prerequisites for the online exam?

The prerequisite for taking an online exam is a completed ECQA course.

Technical requirements

Any computer (Windows, Mac) with a webcam, microphone and the latest webcam drivers.

Please check the compatibility of your computer at least one week before the exam using SoftwareSecure System check (select BICERO as exam organisation).

3. What kind of certificate will I get after completing an online course?

When you finish all learning modules, short tests and assignments within the online course, you will receive a certificate of attendance.

The certificate is automatically issued by BICERO / e-learning system.

4. What kind of certificate will I get after passing the ECQA exam?

If you want to obtain an EU-recognised certificate issued by ECQA (, you have to take the ECQA exam.

Note: For some courses, there is a threshold for the certificate:

  • ECEUPM threshold for certificate: 8 out of 11 units.

  • Each unit threshold: 66.7%

5. What is the procedure for the examination?

Before the exam

  1. You can choose any date which fits your schedule. Please register at least seven days before the exam date.

  2. Before the exam, check the technical readiness of your computer.

On the exam day

  1. Enter the exam platform through the PSI Online proctoring system.

  2. Answer multiple-choice questions (120–240 minutes, depending on the exam).

  3. Submit the exam and close the proctoring system.

After the exam

  1. Check your result (in 24 hours).

  2. (If successful.) Receive the printed certificate (in 10 weeks).

  3. Use your newly acquired knowledge!

6. Do e-learning assignments count towards the passed exam?

If you fail a learning element during the exam but you achieve more than 50% overall, passed assignments from the e-learning system contribute (add) 16.7% to the exam score and consequently you pass the element.

7. What if I fail the exam?

If you fail some learning elements (less than 66.7%), you can improve your results by re-taking the exam (failed elements only).

The price of each subsequent attempt is 196€.

8. Is there a deadline for the exam?

No. Nevertheless, we suggest that you apply for the exam within 10 days after finishing the online course, when the knowledge is still fresh in your mind.

9. How do I apply for the exam?