Training programmes

Lifelong learning academy package for managers

Our Lifelong Learning 4 Leaders academy package for new-generation managers combines leadership, managerial and applied digital skills.

It includes access to all our online training programmes for a monthly fee of 159€ .

You can access any of our 13 (+ 6 new) online training programmes without time limitations on any device (PC, Mac, phone, tablet) at your own pace.

Online programmes for managers and analysts

Our training programmes are available as separate online courses too. See each course for pricing and details.

EU project management

Online or blended course (6 weeks)

Learn how to develop a project idea and convert it to an EU project proposal, manage work packages, deliverables, communications, quality, reports and risks. ECQA certificate.

Foundation level and Professional level

Business Process Management course

Online or blended course (6 weeks)

Learn how to identify processes, roles, design a process model using BPMN 2.0, prepare a process description document, define key process indicators. ECQA certificate.

Foundation level and Advanced level

Sustainability management course

Online course (6 weeks)

Learn how to analyse processes in terms of energy, water, waste and material efficiency, define a sustainable product or service lifecycle, implement SR, lead the transformation of a company to a more sustainable one. ECQA certificate.

Foundation level and Advanced level

Social responsibility management course

Online course (6 weeks)

Learn how to define social responsibility strategy, communicate and report to stakeholders and manage issues related to human rights, environment, consumers, employees and fair operating practices. ECQA certificate.

Business Process Management for HEI

Online course (6 weeks)

Learn how to analyse HEI processes (teaching, studying, development, research, management), identify gaps, define key performance indicators and re-engineer them. ECQA certificate.

Courses for entrepreneurs

Financial management entrepreneurs SUCCEED

Online course (6 weeks)

Shaping and financial evaluation of a business idea, communication with banks, where to obtain funds.

Growth hacking course

Online course (6 weeks)

Design your business ideas and business goals, market analysis, digital and content marketing, customer journey design.

Online course (6 weeks)

Fundamentals of intrapreneurship, development and management of strategic business units, characteristics of intrapreneurship, ...

Courses for job seekers

Employment course CV

Online course (6 weeks)

Preparation of a CV and presentation letter, preparation for a job interview, job search engines, online presence.

Courses for trainers and teachers

Course for teachers

Online course (6 weeks)

For teachers in formal and non-formal education. How to prepare curriculum and learning content, how to market courses, how to perform live and online courses, online mentoring.