Growth hacking and gamification


Lenght (online):

  • 6 weeks access to online clasroom.

Material and exam language:

  • English.

Your time investment:

  • 8-16 hours per week.

Learning content:

  • 8 lessons,
  • 14 practical assignments evaluate by an expert,
  • 8 intro dialogues (presentation + notes, 20-40 pages per study unit), which can be also dowloaded as PDF,
  • 8 introductory texts,
  • 8 short practice test (1-3 questions each).


  • Certificate of the online clasroom attendance.

Certification levels:

There are 3 levels of the certifications:

  • 1. level: Foundation (BUILD-R)
  • 2. level: Intermediate (ENGAG-R) in preparation
  • 3. level: Advanced (G-HACKR) in preparation

Learning outcomes:

  • You will gain knowledge about elevator pitch, business goals, customer persona, customer journey, market research, social media presence, landing pages, content writing.


  • Access to online classroom is possible via PC (browser), smartphone (Android and IOS app), tablet or smartTV.

For whom?

Especially for:

  • Entrepreneurs, everybody who is thinking about or already running their own company.

Recommended prerequisites:

Mandatory prerequisites:

  • Strong motivation and interest in digital technologies, marketing, business management.
  • Strong motivation to follow the online course.
  • Attention span longer than 140 chars.


If you are running a startup or a company, you simply can not afford to be slow and rely only on your instincts. Digital technologies, analytics, marketing, copywriting and business skills can be a great help to grow your customer base.

"Dear entrepreneur. Your job is to survive. By growing."


On-line clasroom (with mentor support or self-study).


On-line training is a 6-week course, available from anywhere. Depending on the previous knowledge, you will have to invest 6-8 hours per learning element. There are 8 learning elements.

Not sure if on-line learning is right for you?

If you're not sure if on-line learning is right for you, please check the details about e-learning platform and process.

Still not sure? Check out the e-learning platform preview.

Technical requirements


Any modern computer, tablet or smartphone is appropriate (for studying). The participant needs a web browser and internet connection. For assignments preparation, Office software package (text editor and spreadsheet editor) is required. In the case of tutor support, the headset is required.

The online study starts the next day after the application and settling the invoice.

Course outline

Level 1(BUILD-R)

  • Mission 1: Build and clarify the vision/target/groups/channels/goals
    • Quest 1.1: Define your elevator-pitch
    • Quest 1.2: Set short-term goals
    • Quest 1.3: Identify your idela customer and target group
    • Quest 1.4: Check the market
    • Quest 1.5: Define your customer journey process
  • Mission 2: Become known in your field
    • Quest 2.1: Create a presence on social media
    • Quest 2.2: Prepare a landing page
    • Quest 2.3: Pprepare your first short article and attract your first followers

Level 2 (ENGAG-R) in preparation

Level 3 (G-HACKR) in preparation

1. Registration

Choose the package and apply for the on-line training here.

After the registration, wait for the invoice.

2. Payment

Self-study on-line learning:

  • without exam and certificate: 99€

On-line learning with tutor support:

  • without exam and certificate: 260€

Access prolongation (after the access expires):

  • 40€/month (after 6 weeks)

We accept payments:

  • Bank account
  • Paypal

3. Access to on-line clasroom

After the payment, your e-learning account will be activated. You will also receive the information on how to access learning materials and assignments.

On-line expert


1. Q: How much time do I have to dedicate to the course?

A: It depends on your background. On average, 6-8 hrs are needed to finish one learning element (of 8). Slightly more, if you decide to finish practical assignments.

2. Q: Can I download and print the materials for later usage?

A: Of course, the materials are available in PDF form, too.

3. Q: How long do I have the access to the e-learning platform?

A: 6 weeks after registration.

4. Q: Is it possible to extend the access after the expiration?

A: Yes, extension of the access is possible. Extension fee is 40€/month.

5. Q: How online mentoring works?

A: On-demand. The participant prepares questions and issues and informs the mentor. Afterwards, online session (e.g. using Skype) is held.

Statistics and participant testemonials


Since 2013 we have educated:

- EU+Sl: over 25 participants

Participant locations:

Our participants of our online course come from: Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Portugal.


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