Key facts

Project title: enGAGING (Gamification as Applied Growth-Hacking and Incubating method for improving New Ground-Based Skills in Start-uppers and Enterprises)

Website: www.engaging-project.eu

Programme: Erasmus+, KA2

Contract number: 359-06/5-15-3

Project number: 2015-1-HR01-KA202-013109

Project duration: 1 October 2015 – 30 September 2017


Online course:



The project aim is to deliver information to business coaches and business developers to enable them to assist entrepreneurs in an original way. They will be taught how to offer a more personalised assistance, focussed on the specific needs of each entrepreneur, and how to help them to ‘automate’ the generation of ideas according to the growth-hacking strategy.


  1. Identifying the emergence of a 'hard' and 'soft' skill set, related to the new challenges addressing the entrepreneurial coaching sector.

  2. Validate a cross-country and cross-sectoral methodology for a participatory needs analysis in order to better cope with the learning outcomes and teaching methods used for dynamic re/up-skilling requirements.

  3. Integrate MOOC solutions involving both gamification experts and entrepreneurial coaches in order to generate a permanent open repository for innovative self-training and self-assessment.

  4. Test peer-to-peer training and skills evaluation, by generating a software-based tool.

  5. Consolidate a common understanding on how to mix growth-hacking strategies and gamification principles in order to upgrade the competencies of business coaching professionals (game hackers).

  6. Create a unique, shared competence profile for game hackers.

  7. Create a Virtual Learning Hub (the GAG Lab) in order to establish a network of European qualified game hackers.

Planned results

  • Entrepreneurial needs analysis

  • enGAGING pilot course

  • Development of the enGAGING training model

  • enGAGING Virtual Learning Hub