BPM e-books

BPM in Higher Education Institutions, An example of a process framework for HEIs by T. Rozman, M. Geder, L. Paulionienė, K. Puleikienė, M. Reiner, I. Ruseva-Zaharieva, M. Tsvetkova, A. Worach, 2017

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ebook-BPM in HEI(complete) 01.pdf

Leadership in sustainability e-books

Leadership in sustainability by G. Fistis, T. Rozman, C. Luminosu, A. Szilagy, A. Churican, P. Zwolinski, F. Zhang, et al. 2015

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LeadSUS_Guide_FINAL_EN_PUB_with title page v03.pdf

E-books for trainers

How to develop a course (A manual for trainers) by T. Rozman, I. Alexeeva, B. Maio, et al. 2019

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SUCCEED IO6 v.09(EN low quality).pdf

E-tutorials for trainers