Is the on-line learning right for me ?

1. Why should I pay for an online course when there are so many free resources available?

Because content isn’t everything. The price you pay is for 1:1 services. Professional mentors who help you, guide, you and provide you individualized feedback. If you just want to study text or video lectures, then yes, there are many free options.

2. Fit to your professional lifestyle

Are you a busy manager or analyst? Do you want to efficiently use your precious time? Is your budget for travelling limited? Do you have a motivation for self-study, to get certified and improve your resume? Then e-learning might be suitable for you.

3. Learn at your own pace

The content is divided into manageable modules (11). Each module includes several learning materials. You can go back, pause and move forward as you wish.

4. Learn from anywhere & anytime & any device

You only need a PC or Mac and a browser. Our course is tablet and smartphone friendly - learn on the go! We are using TalentLMS platform, which is very intuitive and easy to use.

5. Monitor your progress, earn points and badges

You can check anytime the how far you are. In addition, you will earn progress badges to keep you motivated.

6. Increased retention

The course keeps your attention with micro-tests at the end of each learning module. Tutors encourage you to move on, too.

7. Incremental preparation for the exam

Micro-tests within the course are very similar to those in the final exam. You can practice with those example questions as many times as you wish.

8. Practical assignments and expert feedback

Practical assignments prepare you for real life challenges: preparing project proposals and managing EU project. Expert reviews your assignments and provides a feedback, to keep you right on track.

9. Self-study or tutor support?

We offer individual tutor support to all our on-line trainings.

Tutors are experts with several years of experience from respective fields. The majority of them are course designers too.

For example:

  • EU project manager tutors have all succeeded in EU project proposal applications and have successfully managed EU projects,
  • BPM tutors work in business process improvement projects in real companies.

How does it work?

The online learning with tutor support is appropriate for persons with limited knowledge and experiences who need support by the experts.

Expert tutors are available to answer your questions by email or live chat (skype, blue button, TalentLMS video conferencing) to help you through the course. The number of questions per email is not limited.

When you progress through the course, you are entitled to the following services:

  • receiving feedback on the assignments within 48 hours after submitting to the e-learning platform,
  • receiving feedback about the course content or any questions related to the topic within 48 hours after submitting,
  • up to 3 virtual meetings on demand (you prepare the questions and topics, send them to tutor, schedule a virtual meeting and discuss them).

Tutors also encourage you to advance through the course.

The self-study online learning course is appropriate for persons with some prior knowledge and experiences, who want to explore the course. The self-study does not include tutor involvement and support. You don't receive feedback on the practical assignments. In any case, you can learn using course materials and short tests

10. Personal support is always around the corner

Have we mentioned you are never alone? Even if you choose self-study type of e-learning, technical support is always available. If you choose 'tutor support' type of e-learning, the expert is available to assist and help you with content, assignments and tests.

11. Still not sure?

Check the preview of our e-learning platform here.