Consulting and IT services

EU project management

Hosting of EU projects on fediverse

Are you running an EU-funded project and want to disseminate your project info on an open, decentralised and independent social network (fediverse) as

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EU project management and partnering

Are you looking for an EU project partner who will take care of the following services: project management, coordination, administration, quality management, evaluation, dissemination, social media marketing, training content and e-learning development, conference speeches and presentations?

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EU project proposal writing support

Do you have an idea but need expert guidance through the EU proposal preparation process? We can help you to shape your project idea into an EU proposal.

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Business process management and digital transformation

Business process management services 

Do you want to improve the performance, transparency, customer and employee satisfaction of your business processes? 

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Digital transformation services 

Do you want to lead your company along the path of digital transformation?  

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E-learning solutions

E-learning design and set-up

Do you want to implement e-learning in your

 organisation? We can design the e-learning course for you:

 Yes, I'm looking for a e-learning designer