International projects

Erasmus + KA2

  • iPeer - Reinventing the STEM VET via Peer-assisted learning and Innovative pedagogy (2021-2023)

  • CHESS - Creative Intrapreneurship Empowerment Skills (2019–2021)

  • TeachSUS - Teaching and educating for Sustainability (2018–2020)

  • SUCCEED - Stimulate financial education (2016–2019)

  • enGAGING - Gamification as Applied Growth-Hacking and Incubating method for improving New Ground-Based Skills in Start-uppers and Enterprises (2015–2017)

  • i-VBPM - VET for Business Process Management on Interactive Board (2015–2017)

LLP-LDV-Erasmus Multilateral

  • ERGOWORK (2013–2015), external evaluator

  • HEI-UP, Improvement of Business Process Management in Higher Education Institutions (2011–2013)


  • LeadSUS, Leadership in Sustainability (2013–2015)

  • Socires, Vodja za družbeno odgovornost (2010–2012)

  • CertiBPM, Certified Business Process Manager (2010–2012)

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EU project management seminars and workshops

  • ECQA Certified EU project management, live workshops and seminars for Slovenian participants (2011-today) in cooperation with GZS-CPU

  • ECQA Certified EU project management, online platform and course for international participants (2014-today)

  • EU project proposal preparation consulting for Horizon2020, Instrument4SME, Erasmus+, LifelongLearning programme.

BPM seminars and workshops

Duration of workshops: 1 - 10 days

BPM projects

Educational projects

  • DOBA Faculty Maribor, Development of new course curriculum for MSc study: CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and BI (Business Intelligence), 2016

  • DOBA Faculty Maribor, Development of new course curriculum for MSc study: IT for Smart Cities, 2016

Project management

Quality management

  • LANCom d.o.o., Internal quality management system and audits , 2007–2010

  • CROMEU, EU-funded project, quality manager, 2006–2009

  • ManagEUR, EU-funded project, Certified EU project manager, 2006

Research and development (R&D) and others

IT arhitecture and development

  • LANCom d.o.o., analysis / Implementation of CRM system, 2008–2009

  • Center of information technology, - project management web portal, 2005

  • Center of information technology, Architecture and development of IPQ - quality management web portal, 2003


The list contains representative references (projects in 2009 and older were implemented in the framework with University in Maribor and company LANCom d.o.o.