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Teacher and expert at our courses

Dr Tomislav Rozman has prepared, cooperated with and led several two- and three-year EU supported projects (LLP-LDV-DOI/TOI, Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic partnerships), which focussed on the transfer of innovation (CertiBPM, HEI-UP project), development of innovation (Socires) or preparation of new courses (LeadSUS, SUCCEED), evaluation (ERGO-WORK), adaptation of the course (i-VBPM and enGAGING).

Key industry projects, from which gathered experiences are important for this project: Business Process Reengineering (for Telekom Slovenia, Elektro Maribor, Farmland and forest fund of Republic Slovenia, LANCom d.o.o., Supreme Court of RS, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Public Administration), Project Management of Central EU-wide project of the ICT organisation structure consolidation into a central directory (ISS A/S).

Since 2009, he has managed his consulting company BICERO Ltd. He is also cooperating with DOBA faculty Maribor as a mentor and assistant professor. Currently, he is specialising in gestalt pedagogy, enjoys long hikes and runs, reading books and most importantly, spending time with his family.

He is the author of over 100 bibliographic units (journal articles, conference articles, book chapters, project documentation, studies, mentorships etc.). He is also co-author of 2008 BPM & Workflow Handbook. He is a mentor to over 30 master’s degrees dissertations.

Additional industry certificates:  ECQA Certified EU project manager, ECQA Certified E-learning manager, ECQA Certified Lean Six Sigma, ECQA Social Responsibility manager, ECQA Sustainability Manager, OMG Certified Business Process Manager. Recently he has completed a two-year university course in Gestalt pedagogy. 

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