EU Project Manager (Foundation level)

"Learn how to write better EU project proposals. Win more funds for your ideas. Manage EU projects like a pro."

Packages and prices

Interactive BASIC


  • Access to the online classroom for 6 weeks

  • A certificate of completion of the course

  • Feedback on assignments

  • Individual tutor support

  • Start: anytime

Price: 533€*

Interactive CERTIFIED


  • Access to the online classroom for 6 weeks

  • A certificate of completion of the course

  • Feedback on assignments

  • Individual tutor support

  • International ECQA exam and certificate

  • Start: anytime

Price: 689€*



  • everything as in the "Interactive Basic" package

  • 6x webinar with the expert

  • cohort-based: starts 2x per year (Mar. & Sept.)

Price: 1199€*



  • everything as in the "Exclusive" package

  • additional: International ECQA exam and certificate

Price: 1299€*

+ transfer fees: bank transfer: 0€, credit card and Paypal +18€

What does the course involve?

Length (online)

  • 6 weeks' access to the online classroom.

Material and exam language

  • English.

Your time investment

  • 10–12 hours per week.

Learning content

  • .pdf training materials (presentations and student notes)

  • practical assignments evaluated by an expert

  • short practice tests (3–5 questions each)

  • templates/examples of good PM practices


  • Certificate of online classroom attendance (a prerequisite for the final ECQA exam).

  • ECQA certificate (after successfully passing the exam).

Certification levels

  • There are three levels of certification for ECEUPM: Foundation, Professional and Trainer.

Learning outcomes

  • After completion of this course, participants will be able to transform their idea into an EU project and manage running EU projects.


  • You can access the online classroom via PC/Mac (browser), smartphone (Android and IOS app), tablet or smart TV.

Who is the course for?

Project managers, coordinators, administrators, technical co-workers, advisers and consultants. All who wish to learn how to manage EU projects like Erasmus+, Horizon Europe and more).

Especially for

  • EU project assistants, EU project partners, EU project apprentices and others who want to learn about the complete body of knowledge of EU project management.

  • EU project coordinators, managers and consultants, who want to cover gaps in their knowledge, validate their existing knowledge and obtain a recognised certificate.

Recommended prerequisites

  • Strong motivation and interest in EU project management topics or at least some experience in this field.

  • Basic project management knowledge.

Why should I take this course?

  • Can you imagine successfully obtaining EU funds for your idea?

  • Can you imagine successfully managing a two- or three-year project, producing an excellent product or service, getting a good final grade and not having to return funds?

  • Your reputation among your peers and project partners will surely grow. And most importantly, you will open the door to further projects. Everybody wants to have an experienced EU project manager as a partner.

  • The investment in your EU project management knowledge is much lower than the cost of not-knowing.

  • Can you calculate the cost of not knowing how to apply for funds? 300 000€ ? 2 000 000€? Maybe even more, depending on your project.

  • Can you calculate the losses due to poor management, e.g. returning already obtained EU funds?

ECQA certification

You can obtain the ECQA (European Certification and Qualification) certificate.

"Win more EU project calls and manage EU projects like a pro."

How is this training delivered?

    • Start anytime, self-study with tutor support using an online classroom.

    • Webinars (only in the Exclusive package).

    • Looking for live lectures? Please contact us.


Online training is a six-week course, available from anywhere. Depending on your previous knowledge, you will have to invest 10–12 hours per learning element (11 in total).

Not sure if online learning is right for you?

If you're not sure if online learning is right for you, please check the details about e-learning platform and process.

Still not sure? Check out the e-learning platform preview.

Technical requirements


Any modern computer, tablet or smartphone is appropriate (for studying). The participant needs a web browser and internet connection. For assignment preparation, the Office software package (text editor and spreadsheet editor) is required. For tutor support, a headset is required.

Online exam

Any computer (Windows, Mac) with a webcam, microphone and latest webcam drivers. Please check the minimum system requirements.

Course outline

Introduction to EU projects

    • EU structure and institutions

    • EU programmes (Horizon, Erasmus+, Creative Europe, ...)

Project objectives and finance

    • Start up and objectives

    • Management of work packages and project results

    • Finance management

    • Contract management


    • Communication and team management

    • Exploitation and sustainability

    • Effort reporting and control

    • Reporting

Quality management

    • Quality planning and assurance

    • Risk management

In all chapters we present examples of best practices from already accepted and successfully completed projects.


ECEUPM-Title page and introduction for TM(May2021).pdf

Certification levels

1. Registration

Choose the package and apply for online training.

After registration, please wait for the confirmation email.

application process

2. Prices and payment

Within 24 hours of confirming your registration, you will receive a proforma invoice and instructions for payment.

Full packages

See the full packages and prices >>

Exam only

  • Online (first attempt): 232€

  • Online (subsequent attempts): 196€ each

Access extension (after access expires)

If you don't complete the course in six weeks, you can always extend your access:

  • 50€/month (Credit card/PayPal fee +2€)

Accepted payment methods

  • Bank transfer*

  • PayPal*

  • Credit card = Visa, Mastercard, American Express *

+ transfer fees: Bank transfer: 0€, credit card and Paypal +18€

3. Access to online classroom

After payment, your e-learning account will be activated. You will also receive information on how to access learning materials and assignments.

4. Exam and certification

After you complete the course and all assignments, you can apply for the external ECQA exam and certificate:

Apply for the exam and receive a certificate >>


The examination is limited to 2 hours.

You will receive your ECQA certificate after you successfully pass the exam (> 50%).

What do you get with a certificate?

With the certificate, you will be able to prove your suitability for participating in international projects as a trusted partner. It will also be easier for you to take over the coordination of European projects and international consortia.

The certificate also raises your value in the labour market. Getting a certificate is optional, for those who want more.

In some public national and EU tenders, it is possible to receive additional points for the selection of the submitted projects, if the project is managed by a person with an ECQA certificate.

Examination and certification FAQ >>

More about ECQA >>

ECQA Certified EU project manager

Online expert

Tomislav Rozman BICERO

Dr Tomislav Rozman, Certified ECQA ECEUPM trainer, proposal writer an manager of numerous EU projects

Frequently asked questions

How much time do I need to dedicate to the course?
It depends on your background. On average, 10–12 hours are needed to finish one learning element (of a total of 11), slightly more if you decide to finish the practical assignments.

What kind of questions can I expect in the ECQA exam?
Examples of multiple-choice questions in each lesson give you a good insight into the exam questions.

Can I download and print the materials for later use?
Of course, the materials are available in PDF format too.

How long do I have access to the e-learning platform?
Six weeks after registration.

Is it possible to extend access after the expiry date?
Yes, an extension of access is possible. The extension fee is 50€/month.

How does online mentoring work?
On-demand. The participant prepares questions and issues, and informs the mentor. Afterwards, an online session (e.g. using Skype) is held.

What if I fail the ECQA exam?
Please check the Examination and certification FAQ >>.

Statistics and participant testimonials


Since 2009 we have educated:

  • over 200 participants and 20 training events in Slovenia

  • over 1200 participants and 60 training events in the EU and further afield

Participant testimonials

"The ECEUPM (EU Project Manager) course gave me a better understanding of many practical aspects of EU projects"

V. Pesce from Italy

"It was a pleasant and educational experience."

Meriç from Norway

"I am also happy to inform you that we received funding for a project under ERASMUS KA1-Learning Mobility of Individuals, which is largely due to the knowledge I have gained from the course."

Maja from FYROM / Republic of Macedonia

"I liked a lot the experience of the course, even if it's hard to study while working. I think that the choice of giving assignments at home is very good, that's really the only way to learn!"

Marta from Italy

"Although I had previous experience with ongoing EU projects, which helped me finish the certification fast, I found the course useful because the material was focused on other EU programs and getting the insight into different approaches and concepts of EU project management gave me some fresh ideas for improvement of our current project management practices."

Miha from France

"This course was an incredible learning experience – one of the most useful courses I've been on, especially with the practical advice/steps. Excellent presentation of all material, professional and very reliable learning platform. Dr. Rozman is a really knowledgeable tutor who answered all queries as the course went along. One of the best instructors I've had the pleasure of working with. Concise and clear information, all well delivered."

Mr. Andreas Papadopoulos from Cyprus

Participant locations

The latest participants of our online course come from: Norway, France, Lithuania, Cyprus, Croatia, Slovenia, Greece, Germany, UK, Netherlands, FYROM / Republic of North Macedonia, Tajikistan, Italy, Austria, Spain, Belgium, Ethiopia, Tajikistan, Colombia...


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If you're worried these courses will be of poor quality, should you find no value inside, we'll happily process a refund for you.

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