Who is this service for?

For organisations who want to up-skill and improve knowledge transfer between employees.

We build an online classroom for you.


e-learning doesn't just "happen"! It requires careful planning, implementation and on-line mentoring.

E-learning is the second most popular method for training staff in corporations for the simple reason that it cuts operational costs by 50–70%. Not only does e-learning save money, it also saves time. Online classes tend to be around 25–60% shorter than traditional, instructor-led classes.

Why do you need e-learning in your organisation?

  • The arrival of a new employee. Using e-learning about organisational processes and rules shortens employee on-boarding time and reduces mentorship effort.

  • Knowledge transfer. Capture the knowledge of your employees and transfer it to other employees with less hassle than live training sessions.

  • Up-skilling. Reduce the cost of external trainers and other costs related to employee training. Up-skill your people and stay on the competitive bleeding edge.

  • Measure learning efficiency. Check the effectiveness of knowledge transfer in real-time. Short tests and challenges are built into our e-learning courses.

  • When an employee leaves your organisation. Store their knowledge and experiences (at least some of it) in the form of e-learning content and reduce the inevitable loss of someone leaving the organisation.

  • Reduce absence that is inherent when employees attend training outside the organisation.

  • Reduce travel costs that are necessarily incurred for external training.

How can we help you?

Our e-learning services include:

  • Preparation of e-learning strategy and process

  • Design of e-learning curricula

  • Preparation of e-learning content

  • Recommended appropriate e-learning LMS (Learning Management System) for your organisation

  • Train your trainers

  • Implementation of an e-learning solution using gamification principles

  • Taking care of online examinations and invigilation

We can build the course from scratch or help you find and select off-the-shelf courses for your organisation.

Content and accessibility

The courses we design for you are accessible from any browser and device with an internet connection. We can include text, documents, images, videos, SCORM packages, tests, assignments and surveys.

You can also combine e-learning with webinars.

Mobile learning and gamification

Our e-learning solutions are mobile-friendly (Android and iOS) and include gamification elements such as narrative, points, badges, leaderboards, missions and quests.

We use a cloud-based LMS platform (TalentLMS) and no installation on your side is needed. The system is available 24/7, 365 days a year. It can be accessed using any modern web browser or mobile app.

Users can log in using their social media accounts. We offer two types of access for your employees: Learners and Instructors. Learners work through the course while Instructors review the assignments, perform webinars, and track the learners' performance and statistics.


We have built many e-learning courses, mainly in the field of management (project management, business process management, social responsibility, sustainability, digital marketing, growth hacking, job-related skills, train-the-trainers and so on).

We have built courses for other companies, public administration and schools. We also offer our own e-learning courses. Take a look at some of our examples of e-learning for managers and analysts.


The e-learning course design price depends on:

  • the size of the project, the number of learning materials we have to produce and the type of learning materials (text, pictures, video etc).

The e-learning course maintenance price depends on:

  • the number of concurrent (active) users

  • the number of support request tickets.

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