EU project management and partnering

For whom?

For all organizations who want to manage EU projects with less stress.

What's in it for you?

You get access to expert team with over 10 years of experiences in EU project management. You don't have to figure out everything by yourself. You can focus on your EU project results and the content.

What we offer

We can assist you with:

Project kick-off

    • project handbook

Time and financial planning

    • time/finance plan, Ganttogram, network diagram

Quality planning and management

    • quality plan, quality criteria for deliverables, quality reviews and reports


    • dissemination plan, marketing strategy, communication with the public

Risk management

    • risk mitigation plan

Document and communication management

    • IT system for document management
    • implementation of Google Docs / Only Office for EU project
    • education project members of DM usage


Are you looking for a partner with experiences from Slovenia?

"All of the projects we have cooperated in or coordinated were graded with at least 8 or more (out of 10) by EU evaluators."

Our company can act as a partner in EU project:

  • act as a source of knowledge transfer for the following courses: EU Project Management, BPM (Business Process Management), ICT management, Social Responsibility, Sustainability, Growth hacking, Gamification,
  • preparation of learning curricula and the learning content (ICT, development, databases, processes, SW tools, cloud-based technologies, management, innovations),
  • IT design activities,
  • preparation and configuration of the e-learning platforms (Moodle, TalentLMS, ...),
  • preparing international training events,
  • preparation of dissemination related deliverables (dissemination strategy, action plan, websites, social media activities),
  • preparation of sustainability-related deliverables (sustainability plan, contract, action plan),
  • copy-writing, preparation of the articles, conference speeches,
  • performing live and online trainings,
  • research,
  • content writing (scientific and professional articles, blogs).

Our PIC number: 975376420

We have prepared, coordinated or participated as a partner in Erasmus+, Erasmus Multilateral, Lifelong Learning, H2020, SME Instrument, Eureka projects.

Financial administration and reporting

Finance tracking and regular reporting to the EU commission of project expenditures can be excessive work for the company, especially if you are focused on product / service development.

Moreover, in the case of inadequate tracking of finances, you may have to return the hard-won funds.

We offer you financial administration of all project costs, preparation of interim and final reports:

  • setting up a system and suggestions for internal reporting,
  • founds use tracking, report reviewing,
  • report preparation.

How do we cooperate?

  1. We conclude a cooperation agreement.
  2. We regularly review the progress on the project and communicate with partners.
  3. We inform the applicant of the project about deviations and risks on the project.
  4. We suggest corrective actions for the successful implementation and closing of the project.
  5. We assure our response within 48 hours.

How do we perform the services?

1. In-company coaching

2. Open courses

3. On-line training programme

What's next?

Other EU project related services

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Are you looking for EU project management trainings?


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