EU projects on #fediverse

What do we offer?

We provide a place for EU-funded projects on the Fediverse/Mastodon server at the domain

Are you an EU co-funded project representative and looking for additional dissemination channels independent from corporate social media like X(Twitter), Facebook, LinkedIn...? 

Are you tired of ads on social media, algorithms that do not show your posts to your followers and vendor lock-in?

Your project can be a part of fediverse*, too!

Your project can post updates as

This is a paid service.

How does it look like?

Check the live feed here:

For whom?

This service is for EU co-funded project representatives, persons who are responsible for the dissemination of project-related information (social media managers).

Example of projects that are invited (EU programmes):

Target groups: who is using fediverse the most?

If your project is targeting this kind of users, then fediverse can be a good place for the dissemination of your project.

Fediverse is smaller than big social networks (about 10 million users as of 2024) but with steady growth.  There are more than 20,000 active servers (communities). You can check some statistics about users and servers here.


We offer yearly subscriptions per account(project):

Signup process and payment


1. Why should I disseminate my project info on fediverse?

* Europe's ability to act independently in the digital world

2. Why on this server? There are 10 000s other servers! 

3. What do I get for the subscription fee?

* that don't adhere to server rules

4. Why should I pay, if there are a lot of free Fediverse/Mastodon servers?

If you're already using some other Fediverse service for free, this usually means the admin to that server pays the hosting and other running costs either: a) out of their pocket or b) from donations or c) using some other funding or d) by charging its users. 

There are running costs (server hosting, domain, moderation, administration, legal) and we want to sustain the server and the community long-term.

If you are using 'free' big social networks, you pay with your data (sold to advertisers) and attention (you have to watch ads).

5. Why shouldn't I set up our own server?

You could. Moreover, we recommend that you set up your own fediverse server with your own TLD (top-level domain). Especially if you have technical and other staff ready to deal with it.
But if you:

we're covering this middle ground.

6. Where do you host your server infrastructure?

We are using services. They are specialised for hosting Mastodon servers. Their servers are  located in EU, France.

7. Can I set-up multiple project accounts on your server?

Yes, sure.

8. What are the drawbacks of fediverse?

9. Who is already present on fediverse?

+ 10 million other users like journalists, information security specialists and foremost, people. 

10. Why should you trust us?

We're a small private family company, with 2 persons working in EU projects, education and IT since 2009. 

We have mitigation measures in place, for example: no single point of failure (2 persons have admin access to the server), at least 2 moderators etc.

Business-wise: BICERO Ltd. never had a blocked bank account, no bad reviews, no lawsuits or similar. Our projects even won some 'best practices' awards.  See more about us, projects or references. What do our customers say about us? If this resonates with you, welcome onboard!

What is fediverse?

If this (fediverse) is all new to you, you can read more about it:



Disclaimer and relation to EU institutions

This is a private initiative and it is not run by official EU institutions.

Got questions?

Send us an email to: support AT

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