About us

Basic company information

Type of organisation: Limited Liability, SME

Registration number: 3662977000 (Court of Maribor, Slovenia)

Established: 2009

Short name: BICERO d.o.o.

Long name: BICERO, Center za poslovno informatiko Rozman d.o.o.

Translation to eng.: BICERO, Business Informatics Center Rozman Ltd.

Headquarters: Koropčeva 1, SI2313, Slovenia

PIC (for Erasmus+ projects): 975376420

Organisation ID (new Erasmus+ number): E10169048

About us

We're small family company, established 2009 and working uninterrupted since. We're operating online with some international partners and subcontractors. This company is not some side or hobby project, but it is our core and full time activity.

We believe in transparency, hard work and new technologies.

By buying our services you don't finance another yacht of some millionaire, but you're keeping our business running, you're enabling a survival of our family and some extra-curricular activities for our kids.

The mission

Our mission is to fill the knowledge gaps of leaders, managers, analyst and entrepreneurs. Better leadership,management and IT skills mean better companies mean better society for us all.


dr. Tomislav Rozman, founder and director

+386 41 692 020


skype: tomirozman

Mateja Frangež Rozman dipl. oec., finance and organization manager

+386 31 522 370


We are working with


How may we help you?

Do you have any questions about our services, trainings or any other in you haed. Just ask. We are happy to answer you any question.


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