"Lifelong learning 4 leaders" academy

Our "Lifelong learning 4 leaders" (LLL4L) academy package includes the access to all our online training programmes.

You can choose:

  • monthly subscription: 99€/month or
  • yearly subscription: 999€/year (you save 189€ annually)

What is included?

You can access any of our 13 online training programmes without time limitations on any device (PC, Mac, mobile phone, tablet) at your own pace.

The access to our exclusive closed FB group where you can meet like-minded leaders, network and exchange ideas.

What is not included?

The optional external exams and certifications(ECQA) are not included in the package and are charged separately (190€+VAT/exam).

You decide when do you want to take the exam and receive the certification.

For whom?

For any (middle)manager or analyst, who want to broaden their skills and fill the gaps.

For academics, who switched their careers and now working in companies.

For managers with technical background, who were promoted to managerial roles without proper training.

How does it work?

For each training programme you attend and successfully finish, you recieve the certificate of completion.

Time needed to complete one course is around 6-8 weeks.

The effort needed for each course is ~100 hours, which is an equivalent to 4 ECTS (depends on your background).

You can start studying anytime you want and end anytime you want. You choose which courses you want to take. You choose their sequence. You can finish one or all courses - it's up to you.

That's the whole point of lifelong learning. You control it.

I want to start!